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Events :: March - May 2017

iSQUARE x Mueller

Mueller Bunny Land
In celebration of Easter, iSQUARE and Mueller – a renowned German brand with more than 100 years of history, join hands together to bring you loads of unparalleled festive surprises.  Our Ambassadors, the 20+ cutest bunnies ever, will take you to the bunny land, a wonderland inspired by the German fairy tales.  Come and discover a world beyond your imagination NOW!

Traditional German Christmas Pyramid
The family business, Mueller, is now led by the 4th generation successor. Mueller’s traditional Christmas pyramid gained its international reputation by its multiple tiers design, natural wooden colours, and the delicate combination of different types of woods. The brand has designed Christmas pyramid in various styles. The impellor on the top is driven by the heat generated by the burning candles.

This museum like Christmas pyramid leads us back to the ancient German to learn about the history of Germany while experiencing the essence of traditional German Christmas in modern time.  
Events :: Christmas 2013

Mueller x ELEMENTS

recreate Germen Christmas market
2013 Christmas, ELEMENTS invites Mueller, a renowned German brand with over one century’s history, to showcase the authentic traditional Christmas by recreating a German Christmas market with its delicate wooden crafts in the mall. While up to 1,000 wooden art pieces and figurines will be displayed around the mall, a magnificent Christmas pyramid in 8m high and a motional Christmas installation with mechanical engineering and sparkling lighting effect will optimize the exotic ambience in the mall where shoppers can appreciate, feel, listen, and even smell the essence of German Christmas
Combining traditional craftsmanship
recreate music box

Besides the famous multi-tiers Christmas pyramid, Mueller embraces innovation and is dedicated to developing new products. It once spent 3 years time to develop an electronic music box that could store up to 15 songs with 5 playlists built in. This music box could support six and half minute’s music playing function. Mueller’s second generation music box is advanced with even bigger storage that can support music playing up to 25 hours.

The scene of a group of German kids preparing cookies for Christmas is depicted. Under the cooking table, you can find their lost recipe. This humorous scene is common in German village where children usually preparing cookies while having fun.